DV Kitchen

DV Kitchen 1.3.2

A solid web video publishing tool


  • Encodes more than 77 formats
  • Easy uploading
  • Simplified controls


  • No presets for web video sites
  • Interface


DV Kitchen aims to be a complete video solution for preparing and uploading videos to the web. All in one workflow solutions just like these are becoming more and more common to make it easier for anyone to share videos online.

Although I did find the interface a little unfriendly, you can't resize it properly and the tabs at the top right are too small, the video production process is well streamlined. You start off by selecting a video and encoding it. DV Kitchen comes with over 77 formats to choose from, among which the most popular.

Upload to a server is very easy thanks to the folder browser. You can also create remote folders.

Because video production is complex, DV Kitchen have included three tools that make it easy for users: SampleLab, Budget BitRate Calculator and TimeFreezer. These are all great help for best preparing your video to your needs.

One thing that is missing out is presets for online web platforms such as You Tube or Brightcove.

DV Kitchen is a good all around solution for preparing and uploading videos to the web.

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